One in five German shoppers buy groceries online

By Profitero posted 23 July 2014

According to a new survey published in eMarketer, 20.8% of German shoppers said they bought groceries online, with a further 16.3% interested in doing so. and eBay were the most popular online destinations for German grocery shoppers, with nearly 45% of respondents having bought food on Amazon at least once.

Keith Anderson: Why I'm Joining Profitero

By Profitero posted 17 July 2014

After nearly seven years at RetailNet Group (RNG), a leading research and advisory firm, Keith Anderson is joining Profitero as VP, Strategy & Insights. In this post, Keith outlines why he believes Profitero's development team is the strongest talent pool anywhere focused on providing the most scalable and global online insight to retailers and brands.

Profitero Appoints Industry Veteran Keith Anderson as VP, Strategy & Insights

By Profitero posted 16 July 2014

Keith Anderson has been at the vanguard of helping global companies grow their eCommerce presence and sales for the past 10 years. In this newly created role, Keith will lead the continuous innovation of Profitero's online solutions, helping global retailers and brands gain a deeper understanding of their online presence in order to optimise both their online and in-store sales.

Competitor Intelligence: Multichannel sales drives growth at Marks and Spencer

By Profitero posted 20 May 2014

Two of the UK's biggest high-street retailers, Marks and Spencer and Boots, have reported that multichannel sales are key to driving growth in their business - with Marks and Spencer reporting that multichannel sales were up 23% over the last year. Marks and Spencer also announced that sales via mobile devices were up by more than 90%, with sales from tablets accounting for 25% of online sales - up from 15% on last year.

Retail Intelligence: Why the growth of eCommerce doesn't sound the death knell for physical retail

By Profitero posted 6 May 2014

In her latest blog, Forrester analyst Sucharita Mulpuru seeks to dispel the myth that the growth of eCommerce is fuelling the demise of the physical store. With $300 billion more to be spent offline between now and 2018 - compared with $150 billion more that will be spent online over the same period - Forrester predicts that physical retail will continue to be a significant channel.

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