eCommerce Intelligence: How to Segment Amazon Best Seller Categories (and Sell Even More)

By Ryan Jepson posted 31 March 2015

A Profitero Insider Insight Post — One in a Series

When shopping for big-ticket items, do shoppers demand more validation from positive reviews? When buying less-expensive household products, do shoppers look for convenience first? The answers, it turns out, aren’t always clear-cut. Lower-priced categories tend to rely more on Amazon value-add programs like Prime, but not all higher-priced categories are heavy on customer reviews.

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, Amazon

eCommerce Intelligence: What Aldi's move to online would mean for UK Grocery

By Profitero posted 24 March 2015

Recent reports have speculated that discount retailer Aldi is considering a move into selling online in the UK, as well as elsewhere in Europe. With online grocery set to be the fastest growing area of the market, Keith Anderson discusses the implications Aldi's move to eCommerce would have on UK competition - both online and offline.

Topics: eCommerce, CPG, Grocery

CPG eCommerce Intelligence: The Digital Divide in CPG and Grocery Data

By Keith Anderson posted 18 March 2015

eCommerce growth is exploding but what data is really available to CPG companies accustomed to data-driven strategic planning and execution? In an article originally written for CPG Data Tip Sheet, Profitero's VP Strategy & Insights Keith Anderson discusses current and future data options for tracking CPG eCommerce.

Topics: eCommerce, CPG, Grocery, Amazon

CPG eCommerce Intelligence: How CPG Brands Can Optimize Online Sales Part 2

By Profitero posted 11 March 2015

In part two of our blog series on how CPG brands can better optimize their performance on the digital shelf, we look at how product ratings and reviews have a significant impact on search ranking and conversions - and why it's paramount for your product to appear on page one of Amazon search results if you want potential shoppers to find you.

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, CPG, Grocery, Amazon

CPG eCommerce Intelligence: How CPG Brands Can Optimize Online Sales

By Profitero posted 6 March 2015

The channel shift to online grocery shopping continues at pace, with the UK one of the most mature grocery eCommerce markets in the world. In the first of a two-part blog series, we summarise guidance from Profitero's VP Strategy & Insights Keith Anderson on how CPG brands can optimize their performance on the digital shelf, taken from Keith's recent Category Management Conference presentation.

Topics: Brands, CPG, Grocery

Pricing Intelligence: The Most Effective Retail Pricing Strategies

By Profitero posted 26 February 2015

Gartner-owned Software Advice, a trusted resource for point of sale software buyers, recently polled a cross-sector of retailers to learn which pricing strategies they deem most effective. We summarise the key findings from this new report "The Best Retail Pricing Strategies by Sector", with Profitero's VP Strategy & Insights Keith Anderson providing commentary on how pricing intelligence software can work in conjunction with the most popular pricing strategies.

Topics: Retail, Pricing

eCommerce Intelligence: Who Won Amazon Shoppers’ Hearts On Valentine’s Day?

By Profitero posted 20 February 2015

Valentine's Day may well be over for another year, but manufacturers and retailers alike can learn from online shopping trends around this $18.9 billion US holiday. In this blog, we look at the key pricing trends, which products were most popular, and which brands best capitalized on Amazon for Valentine's 2015.

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, Amazon

Tokmanni Leverages Profitero Pricing Intelligence For Omnichannel Pricing

By Profitero posted 19 February 2015

The Tokmanni Group is the biggest discount store chain in the Nordics and their vision is to offer an extensive range of quality products at affordable prices. To stay price-competitive, the discount retailer needs to constantly check competitor prices - previously a manual process that was neither time nor cost-efficient. Read this brand new case study to find out why they turned to Profitero.

Topics: eCommerce, Retail, Pricing

CPG eCommerce Intelligence: The growth of online grocery shopping

By Profitero posted 12 February 2015

Profitero customer Ocado’s recent announcement that it has made its first annual profit in its 15-year history highlights the continued channel shift towards online grocery shopping, as more UK consumers choose to drop the weekly supermarket shop in favour of buying online. But how should CPG brand manufacturers prepare for this growth?

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, CPG, Grocery

Profitero Ramps Up EMEA Sales Operations

By Profitero posted 10 February 2015

Profitero today announced that it is ramping up its European operations and planning to fill an immediate 12 roles in its pan-European sales centre in Dublin, including experienced Key Account Managers and Direct Sales Managers, as it continues to scale the business.

Topics: Profitero

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