12 Breakthrough Ways Brands and Retailers Can Partner More Effectively Online

By Keith Anderson posted 1 July 2015

In the age of eCommerce, the pace of change continues to accelerate, and nowhere is that change more apparent than in the evolving relationship between the two bulwarks of the retail industry—the CPG companies who create the brands and the retailers themselves. This new Profitero White Paper provides brands and retailers with a dozen essential pointers on how to partner more effectively.

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, Retail

eCommerce Insights: Optimizing Page One Search Ranking at Tesco, Asda, and Ocado

By Ryan Jepson posted 30 June 2015

In the path-to-purchase, shoppers typically take three paths to product pages—searching, browsing, or drawing from saved favorites—which vary by retailer and category. In this post, I focus on one key measure of findability—search rankings, especially page one rankings—at three of the UK’s largest online grocers.

Topics: eCommerce, CPG, Grocery, FMCG

eCommerce Insights: 3 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Ratings & Reviews

By Yan Deng posted 25 June 2015

Shoppers increasingly trust their peers for guidance on what to buy, and ratings and reviews on eCommerce retailers’ product pages are a source of growing influence. In this post, Profitero analyst Yan Deng looks at why ratings and reviews are so critical to a brand's presence on the digital shelf.

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, CPG

Guest Podcast: Connections Between What Shoppers See Online and What Shoppers Do

By Francesca Nicasio posted 24 June 2015

Listen to a 3-minute podcast from Vend retail expert Francesca Nicasio, who addresses the importance of connecting what shoppers see online and what they then do - whether that be online or offline.

Topics: eCommerce, Retail

The CPG eCommerce Toolkit: Watch the 3 minute video

By Keith Anderson posted 23 June 2015

What are the four things eCommerce heads need? Watch our 3-minute video where you’ll get a high level overview of the CPG eCommerce Toolkit and its four main components: Merchandising, Marketing, Product Content, and eCommerce Data.

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, CPG

5 Global Trends in Online Grocery and What They Mean for Today’s Retailer

By Cynthia Stephens posted 18 June 2015

From the meteoric rise of mobile grocery shopping to the proliferation of national and local full-basket models, online grocery is experiencing rapid change that is transforming the industry. Here are 5 trends to watch, as discussed at the recent Retail Council of Canada (RCC) Store 2015 Conference.

Topics: eCommerce, CPG, Grocery

Leveraging the New Supplier/Buyer Relationship: 5 Ways Brands Can Be a Better Partner to Retailers Online

By Cynthia Stephens posted 16 June 2015

The times they are a changin’. Today’s relationships between CPG companies and retailers are now often characterized by a new dynamic—a working partnership, as opposed to the strict vendor/buyer model of the past. How can your organizations forge the best partnerships, and capitalize on this important transformation?

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, Retail, CPG, Grocery

How to Select Your eCommerce Performance Measurement Solution: New Buyers’ Guide Available

By Keith Anderson posted 11 June 2015

How can today’s CPG company make the right choice in selecting an eCommerce performance management solution that gives them the actionable insights they need in order to compete more effectively? Our just-published Buyers’ Guide takes readers step-by-step through the process.

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, Grocery

International Food Retailer Delhaize Belgium Selects Profitero For Daily Competitor Pricing Intelligence

By Profitero posted 9 June 2015

Profitero today announced that international food retailer Delhaize Belgium has become the latest supermarket to enlist Profitero’s price intelligence solution.

Topics: eCommerce, Pricing, Grocery, Profitero

Why Digital Matters: Digital Interactions to Influence 64 Cents of Every Dollar Spent in Stores

By Jannie Cahill posted 4 June 2015

Deloitte Digital's latest study "Navigating the New Digital Divide" predicts that digital interactions will influence 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores by the end of 2015 (representing $2.2 trillion) - further evidence that digital technology not only affects eCommerce sales, but also has a much broader impact on in-store sales and in-store consumer behavior.

Topics: Brands, eCommerce, Retail, CPG, Grocery

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