Retail Intelligence: The Grocer 'Getting & Keeping A Supermarket Listing' Conference

The Grocer's Getting & Keeping a Listing in a Supermarket Conference will address how suppliers can secure and maintain their space in a supermarket. The event takes place on Tuesday, April 24.

Aimed at suppliers of all sizes, the conference will address how to get your foot in the door, addressing the skills suppliers need to negotiate with supermarkets and provide some insight from the buyer's point of view on how to keep the product on the shelves.

This conference brings together buyers, ex-buyers and experts to help suppliers to learn more about how to get and keep products on supermarket shelves. 

The conference will address issues including:

    - Securing a listing in a supermarket
    - Managing retailer relationships
    - Managing promotions and profit margins
    - Developing effective routes to market
    - Staying in a supermarket: How to negotiate with multiples
    - A legal review: The Groceries Supply Code of Practice

The conference is perfect for suppliers who are looking to gain insight into how supermarkets and supermarket buyers work. Speakers will provide insight into what makes for a successful product and how items get de-listed. To follow the event on twitter, search for the #grocerconference hashtag.

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