Price Intelligence Highlights Grocery Products: Same Price, Smaller Size - Which?

UK consumers are getting less for their money as big brands reduce the size of their products but not their prices, according to consumer watchdog Which?

The UK consumer watchdog which? discovered the latest examples of the product skrinkage practice when researchers ordered a series of supermarket products online and realised the items were not what they expected. None of the prices on the items had been reduced in line with the product size reductions.

Some examples from the findings as as follows:

1. One litre tub of Carte D'Or Vanilla Light, Vanilla and Rum and Raisin Ice Cream
Ten per cent size reduction to 900ml

2. Packet of Magnum Ice Cream
330ml instead of 360ml

3. Ariel Excel Gel - Febreze
592ml instead of 667ml

A spokesman for Unilever, the manufacturer of the ice cream brand, said the reduction in the size of the pack was down to rising commodity prices. Magnums had been affected as the price of vanilla and cocoa had risen, she added.

Shoppers wouldn't have a problem with shrinking packs if these changes were reflected in the prices, said which? researcher Matt Clear. which? has called for labelling to be clearer so it is easier to identify if you are getting less for your money. 

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