Competitor Monitoring: Tesco, Diageo & Google To Speak At ECR Ireland Annual Conference 2012

The ECR Ireland Annual Conference will take place in Dublin on Thursday, May 24. Tesco Ireland, Diageo and Google are just some of the industry experts giving presentations at this year's event.  

An eagerly anticipated event in the Irish retailing calender, the ECR Ireland Annual Conference brings together retailers, manufacturers, service providers and industry events to discuss retailing trends in 2012. This year's Next Generation Retailing event will feature retail experts showcasing international & domestic processes for the next generation in grocery retailing for supermarket, convenience & forecourt formats.

Product availability in the digital age
Andrew Mitchell will challenge delegates to consider why on-shelf availability (OSA) matters more than ever in the digital age. Andrew will outline the barriers that appear to prevent us from making the required improvements in OSA, plus outlines practical solutions and real-life case studies of how these barriers can be overcome.

In-store technology
Ken Hughes will show how demand can be created by using the latest in-store technology to appeal to each of the five senses. With pricing technology such as electronic price displays and competitor price monitoring becoming more popular with retailers, it is no wonder technology is being used to create demand within their stores too.

How to layout a retail store
Jenny Maybury will launch the latest ECR Ireland publication "How to layout a retail store - A practical guide to macro space planning".  In addition to revealing the nine-step process, Jenny will present two recent case studies from convenience stores showing a 1.5 per cent increase in store margin & a 3 per cent increase in total store sales respectively. 

Curbing shrinkage within retailing's Next Generation
Prof. Joshua Bamfield, (author of the Global Retail Theft Barometer) will analyse the key issues of retail shrinkage, discuss the possible roles of suppliers in shrinkage control, and consider how active and professional shrinkage management can be used to combat shrinkage and keep it under control.

Presentations from Tesco IrelandDiageo and Google are also not to be missed events in the Guinness Storehouse next Thursday. 

Speaking to Profitero, Declan Carolan, general manager of ECR Ireland said, "A wave of change is expected in the world of ECR.  The recently appointed co-chairs of ECR Europe, Thomas Hübner, Executive Director for Europe for the Carrefour Group, and Jan Zijderveld, President Europe of Unilever have issued a 100 day challenge to redefine the strategic framework of ECR and deliver more value to members. 

Recent European-wide research into ECR practices show that those adopting the ECR approach on Consumer & Shopper Journey, Category Management, On-Shelf Availability and Shrinkage are convinced of its benefit…yet, these very approached are not widely known." He added, "The ECR Ireland Conference will present compelling reasons for adoption of these principles while also highlighting a best practice case study on collaboration (Tesco Ireland & Diageo) in addition to hearing from Google’s industry leader for retail – John Gillan."

ECR Ireland encourages long-term co-operation between trading partners throughout the food and grocery supply chain to provide education & guidance on key issues. All ECR initiatives operate under a system of co-chairs (one retailer and one supplier). For more information on the conference, visit the ECR Ireland website.

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